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Sending a Cease and Desist Letter to Stop Defamation on Social Media

If someone has posted content on social media that is damaging to your character and causes reputational harm, you may be feeling vulnerable and helpless. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Reddit allow anyone to instantly post messages that can be seen by all of your friends, family, and co-workers, along with millions of strangers.  This democratization of mass communication certainly has its benefits, but it can also unfairly torment victims of online defamation, bullying, and other abuse. Someone with a personal vendetta against you may have tweeted a false story about you, written a scathing review… ( Read Full Article… )

How Much Does a Demand Letter Cost?

A demand letter sent by an attorney can be an effective way to resolve a wide range of disputes. For example, you can send a demand letter if you’re owed money, or you want someone to take a certain action. In this article, we’ll examine what it costs to have a lawyer prepare and send a demand letter, and the secret to getting professional help for an affordable flat fee.  Anyone can send a demand letter, but they’re generally most effective when sent by a lawyer. For example, if someone isn’t repaying your loan and has been ignoring your requests,… ( Read Full Article… )

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back From a Landlord

Tenants after vacating a rented home are understandably eager to get their security deposit back. A rental security deposit can be a significant amount, generally one to three month’s rent, so any potential deductions and delays are cause for concern.   Unfortunately, some landlords will drag their feet when it comes to returning a security deposit. Or they may try to hold part of the money back by deducting for questionable expenses from the deposit amount. In this article, we’ll explore what your rights are and how you can have a lawyer send a demand letter for the return of your… ( Read Full Article… )

What to Do If an Ex-Employee Is Violating a Non-Compete

As a business owner, if you have discovered that an ex-employee has violated the terms of their non-compete agreement, this article will explain how Demand Letters can help you send a cease and desist letter to protect your interests.  Many employers require employees to agree to various restrictive covenants to protect their companies from the leakage of sensitive business information and the theft of intellectual property and to prevent unfair advantages for their competitors. A non-compete clause restricts employees from starting or joining a competing business. Employers desire non-compete agreements because they want to invest in their employees through training… ( Read Full Article… )

What Is a Cease and Desist Letter and How Do I Send One?

If you’re wondering what a cease and desist letter is and how you can send one, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will explain in layman’s terms: What exactly a cease and desist letter is, What situations they typically address, What is included in a cease and desist letter, Who can send a cease and desist letter, and How you can have an attorney send one on your behalf for a low, flat fee.   What Is a Cease and Desist Letter? In simple terms, a cease and desist letter is a letter that is sent to… ( Read Full Article… )

How to Send a Demand Letter If Someone Owes You Money

It can be a terrible feeling when someone owes you money and you start sensing they’re giving you the runaround. Someone – or maybe a company – may owe you money for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you made a loan, performed a job, sold an item or are owed for damages to your person or property.  If the other side is ignoring you or simply refusing to pay, this article will discuss how a demand letter can help recoup what is owed to you. We will also discuss how you can have a lawyer send a demand letter for… ( Read Full Article… )

What Is a Demand Letter and How to Send One

In this article we will explain in simple terms what a demand letter is and how you can find a lawyer to send one on your behalf for a reasonable flat fee.  What Is a Demand Letter? In a nutshell, a demand letter is a letter sent to a person or business formally demanding something, such as payment. For example, if you had an agreement with someone to pay you for a service or job and were stiffed on the bill, you could send a demand letter insisting on payment. A demand letter could be sent to collect an unpaid… ( Read Full Article… )