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Fill out the Questionnaire

To start, just complete our easy to use online smart questionnaire which will ask for details about your specific needs. Demand Letters can help you with a wide variety of demand letters and cease and desists.

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You Are Matched With an Attorney

Our system will match you with an attorney who will work on your letter for an all-inclusive flat fee ($399) – there are never any retainers or hidden charges. If there is no attorney available to handle your project, you will of course not pay a penny.

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Drafting and Perfecting the Letter

The attorney we pair you with will produce a first draft of the letter and you will have the opportunity to provide feedback. Upon your approval, the attorney will send the letter to the recipient. No one will contact the recipient or send anything to them until you say it’s okay.

With our online platform, we can help you have an attorney send a demand letter or cease and desist without leaving your home. Answer a few questions, pay an affordable flat rate and then work with the attorney to put the finishing touches on the letter. That’s it. The process is simple, efficient and designed to be user-friendly for regular people, small businesses and freelancers like you. 

If you need to send a demand letter or cease and desist, don’t go at it alone. Have us find you an attorney to help you send a letter that can get the results you’re looking for.

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Money Back Guarantee

We require advanced payment because for lawyers to work on your matter for a discounted flat fee they need to know that you can pay them. Don’t worry, your payment will be fully and promptly refunded if there is no attorney available to help you.

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Payment Protection

We keep your payment information secure. The flat fee you pay will cover the cost of your letter and your use of our platform. There are no hidden or recurring charges or any upselling for other services.

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Customer Support

We have the utmost faith in the lawyers we work with but if you run into any issues let us know right away and we will help sort it out.