Demand Letters makes it easy and affordable to send a demand letter or cease and desist. A lawyer will send a letter on your behalf for a pre-paid flat rate with no surprise costs. Our model was designed to be as convenient and easy to use as possible. You can find answers to some frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find your answer here, please reach out to us at [email protected].

What will this cost?

Your cease and desist or demand letter will only cost a flat rate of $299! There are no hourly fees, retainers, hidden costs or pressure to buy other services.

What is included in the flat fee?

For a flat fee ($299), you will get a letter drafted by a legal professional sent to one recipient. Included in the price is a maximum 20 minute teleconference consultation, and at least one round of revisions to the letter based on your input. The letter will be sent to one recipient by certified mail or digitally.

What is not included?

Your attorney will only be responsible for creating and sending one letter, and they will not provide any other services or legal advice. If, for example, you receive a response to the letter and need advice, or if you want to file a lawsuit, that will not be covered. You can continue working with the same attorney but you will both need to agree to a new engagement outlining a new scope of work and the fees the lawyer will charge.
One of the reasons the lawyers can offer their services so affordably is by “unbundling” the letter from the usual full slate of services a lawyer provides. Think of it as ordering exactly what you want a la carte versus an entire buffet of things you don’t need.

Will sending a cease and desist or demand letter work?

While no can ever guarantee the results of sending a cease and desist or demand letter, they can be very effective. A well-crafted letter sent by an attorney will command the other side’s attention, especially if they have been dodging you, and will demonstrate that you’re serious about resolving the matter. Upon receiving the letter, the other side will often settle the matter immediately to avoid further conflict.

Even if the letter doesn’t get the intended result, it can still be useful. The letter can serve as evidence of a formal attempt to resolve the situation if you pursue a lawsuit later on. Or, you can decide the matter just isn’t worth pursuing any further, and your only investment will have been the cost of the letter and not an expensive legal battle with uncapped expenses.

How do you offer this at such a low cost? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! Our model is designed to result in savings and efficiencies for both you and the lawyer. It can cost on average anywhere between $500 to $2,500 for a solo practitioner or law firm to write and send a letter. Your final bill is usually a mystery at the outset. Law firms will have their associates, paralegals, research staff and others billing by the hour, in addition to charging for “disbursements” such as costs for shipping, copying, telephone calls, etc.

Not only that, but in many situations lawyers will require you to pay a large upfront deposit in the form of a retainer. The costs associated with a sending a simple letter can be staggering. Perhaps most scary of all, your actual final bill will be unknown and prices can vary wildly from firm to firm.

There are many reasons however why these services are justifiably expensive, such as the high cost of client acquisition and general inefficiencies of the practice of law. Lawyers spend considerable time, effort and expense developing their business. Lawyers also have major overhead costs for things like office rent, furniture, assistants, computers, specialized software, etc.

At Demand Letters, we’re working hard so that the system works better for everyone. No one wants to pay $200 to over $1,000 per hour to have their attorney complete a simple task. And on the other side, lawyers want an easier, cost-efficient way to find clients and work. We are part of the growing industry of “unbundled” legal services – meaning providing exactly the services you want at a reasonable cost, and nothing more. If you need further services after sending the letter, you and the attorney can mutually decide to continue working together, which is another added benefit.

How long will it take to send out the letter?

One of the advantages of using our service is that the lawyer you are connected to will be ready to work on your letter right away. It usually takes about 7-10 days for a letter to be completed, but there are many variables that can result in a shorter or longer period of time. For example, how many attorneys are currently available, how complicated your issue is, how many revisions you need after a first draft, etc. Rest assured however that the attorney will give your letter the attention it deserves.

Will my lawyer be qualified?

Every attorney we work with is fully licensed by the relevant state, a graduate of an ABA-accredited law school, and is in good standing with their respective state bar associations. Our system will also match you to an attorney familiar with the type of legal letter you need.

When will I be charged?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as you submit your order. We collect payment in advance to ensure that all work requests by potential clients are serious, and so that the attorney is certain they will be paid for their work. If we can’t match you with an attorney or your attorney is unable to work on your project for any reason, you will of course be promptly refunded and won’t pay a penny. All payment information is kept secure, and we never share your information with third-parties.

Does Demand Letters give legal advice?

No. Demand Letters is neither a lawyer nor a law firm and therefore cannot give legal advice. Only licensed attorneys can provide legal advice.

Is Demand Letters a law firm?

No, Demand Letters is a technology company that pairs users with attorneys who will draft a cease and desist or demand letter for a flat rate.

Will the information I submit on Demand Letters be shared?

All information provided to Demand Letters remains private and confidential. The information on your intake questionnaire is shared with the attorney you are matched with. Note however that we are not lawyers and any communications you have with us are not subject to attorney-client privilege. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

I received a response to my legal letter, what should I do? Can I continue working with my attorney?

After the lawyer sends your letter, they will not be able to provide further advice or services to you without entering into a new engagement. Any new engagement agreement should outline the new scope of work and what the fees will be. The new scope of work can include anything from advising you on how to respond to the letter to filing a lawsuit.

Why didn't I get matched with an attorney?

There could be several reasons why you didn’t get matched. There may not have been an attorney qualified to produce the letter you requested at the moment in your jurisdiction. Or, the attorneys in our network may currently be at capacity. We are always expanding our network of attorneys so please check back with us in the future. If we can’t match you to an attorney for any reason, you will immediately receive a full refund.