How Much Does a Demand Letter Cost?

How much does a demand letter cost

A demand letter sent by an attorney can be an effective way to resolve a wide range of disputes. For example, you can send a demand letter if you’re owed money, or you want someone to take a certain action. In this article, we’ll examine what it costs to have a lawyer prepare and send a demand letter, and the secret to getting professional help for an affordable flat fee

Anyone can send a demand letter, but they’re generally most effective when sent by a lawyer. For example, if someone isn’t repaying your loan and has been ignoring your requests, it’s unlikely a demand letter sent by yourself will suddenly change their tune. On the other hand, an attorney will have the know-how when it comes to preparing an effective letter, and the other side will pay close attention when they see the letter has been sent by a professional on your behalf. 

Most people would agree to have a lawyer send their demand letter is the preferred approach, but many are reluctant to reach out to a lawyer because they are afraid of paying expensive fees. As we’ll see, that fear is not unjustified. 

The Cost of a Demand Letter

Legal expenses have become so inflated that the entire legal profession is frequently the punchline of jokes about exorbitant costs. Instead of turning to a professional for help, more people are using online resources and do-it-yourself document kits to handle projects once reserved for attorneys. 

The scariest part of the final cost of a demand letter is that it’s usually a complete mystery. There is no national or even state-by-state standard for what a letter can cost you. For example, depending on the area you live in, a lawyer can charge $150 to even over $1,000 in places like New York City for each hour of their time. In addition, lawyers will often require a retainer, which is a deposit that is paid upfront for the project. Retainers can be a sizeable amount and is not a guarantee that expenses will be capped at that amount. The lawyer can send you bills even after the retainer is depleted. Lawyers also charge for the cost of staff involvement (like paralegals) and “disbursements,” which are things like the cost of postage, photocopies and telephone calls. These smaller charges can add up quickly. It’s difficult to estimate precisely, but a single demand letter sent to one recipient can easily cost anywhere from $750 to $5,000. 

Engaging a lawyer to help you can be financially stressful. Every time you pick up the phone or have your lawyer revise a document, they are billing you for their time. It’s difficult to standardize costs in the legal industry because some lawyers are more efficient than others, or more experienced. Some lawyers also delegate tasks to other members of their team who bill at different rates. The final bill for a demand letter won’t be known until you get it, at which point you might be in for a shock. 

For most people, paying a large sum to have a demand letter sent doesn’t make financial sense. Ordinary people and small businesses are trying to resolve relatively small (but important) disputes, and paying costly legal fees can negate the purpose of sending a demand letter in the first place. Demand Letters was founded to help people like you that are looking to resolve their issues efficiently for an affordable flat fee. 

What Demand Letters Offers

Demand Letters takes the guesswork out of what your demand letter will cost. For an affordable flat rate, a legal professional will draft and send a demand letter on your behalf. There is no retainer required, and no additional fees or hidden away charges. The amount you pay is all-inclusive and covers what you’re looking for: a demand letter that will help resolve your issue sent to the other side. Demand Letters also takes the hassle out of trying to find help for a reasonable cost. Click on the link below today to get your demand letter started!

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