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How to Send a Demand Letter for Services Rendered

Introduction Receiving payment for services rendered is a key aspect of business operations. However, it’s not always a straightforward process. Sometimes, clients delay or neglect to settle their bills, leaving you with the challenge of how to collect your dues.  This article discusses best practices for collecting bills through non-legal and legal options, including how to send a demand letter for services rendered or unpaid bills. Non-Legal Options for Collecting Bills The Legal Option: A Demand Letter If non-legal methods aren’t successful, a demand letter becomes a viable option. A demand letter is a formal notice requesting payment for services… ( Read Full Article… )

Send a Strongly Worded Letter for Payment Written by a Florida Attorney

Are you a resident of Florida that is owed money by someone? If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re having a tough time collecting and you need some help.  In this article, we’ll explain how a demand letter can be useful in getting paid. A demand letter from a lawyer puts the other side on notice that you mean business. When other collection efforts have failed, an attorney demand letter can get the job done.  A strongly worded demand letter on an attorney’s letterhead can lead to a quick resolution without the need for more angry phone calls,… ( Read Full Article… )

How to Collect Overdue Payments for Freelancers and Independent Contractors

Almost every freelancer, independent contractor, or novice entrepreneur will experience, at some point, the frustration of attempting to collect payment from a client. You’ve upheld your end of the bargain and finished everything you were asked to do… and suddenly, the client has effectively ghosted you.  How do you request payments from clients for projects or services that have been completed? How should you manage your relationship with the client in these situations? What can you do to protect yourself ahead of time? Do you need a demand letter? At what point should a lawyer get involved?  In this article,… ( Read Full Article… )

How to Send a Demand Letter If Someone Owes You Money

It can be a terrible feeling when someone owes you money and you start sensing they’re giving you the runaround. Someone – or maybe a company – may owe you money for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you made a loan, performed a job, sold an item or are owed for damages to your person or property.  If the other side is ignoring you or simply refusing to pay, this article will discuss how a demand letter can help recoup what is owed to you. We will also discuss how you can have a lawyer send a demand letter for… ( Read Full Article… )

What Is a Demand Letter and How to Send One

In this article we will explain in simple terms what a demand letter is and how you can find a lawyer to send one on your behalf for a reasonable flat fee.  What Is a Demand Letter? In a nutshell, a demand letter is a letter sent to a person or business formally demanding something, such as payment. For example, if you had an agreement with someone to pay you for a service or job and were stiffed on the bill, you could send a demand letter insisting on payment. A demand letter could be sent to collect an unpaid… ( Read Full Article… )