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Is a Demand Letter a Legal Document?

A demand letter is a document formally requesting action sent by one party to another, usually to request payment or correct a wrongdoing. The recipient of the demand letter may be someone who owes money, breached a contract, is in financial default, or has failed to follow through with an undertaking. A demand letter is not a “legal document” in the sense that it is a binding contract or has to be prepared by a licensed attorney. Technically, you can write your own demand letter, although demand letters are most effectively written by attorneys. Sending a demand letter on your… ( Read Full Article… )

How to Send a Letter Notifying Your Intent to Sue

If you’re having a feud with someone and you’re reaching the end of your patience, you may be considering filing a lawsuit. Whether it’s to get your money back, put an end to a neighbor’s disturbances or settle a landlord/tenant issue, lawsuits should always be a measure of last resort. Lawsuits are expensive, unpredictable, and consume a great deal of energy and attention.  Before resorting to the court system, it’s a good idea to first send a letter of intent to sue, also sometimes known as a demand letter, to the other side. A pre-suit letter can put the party… ( Read Full Article… )

How to Send a Demand Letter If Someone Owes You Money

It can be a terrible feeling when someone owes you money and you start sensing they’re giving you the runaround. Someone – or maybe a company – may owe you money for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you made a loan, performed a job, sold an item or are owed for damages to your person or property.  If the other side is ignoring you or simply refusing to pay, this article will discuss how a demand letter can help recoup what is owed to you. We will also discuss how you can have a lawyer send a demand letter for… ( Read Full Article… )