Is a Demand Letter a Legal Document?

Is a Demand Letter a Legal Document? -

A demand letter is a document formally requesting action sent by one party to another, usually to request payment or correct a wrongdoing. The recipient of the demand letter may be someone who owes money, breached a contract, is in financial default, or has failed to follow through with an undertaking.

A demand letter is not a “legal document” in the sense that it is a binding contract or has to be prepared by a licensed attorney. Technically, you can write your own demand letter, although demand letters are most effectively written by attorneys. Sending a demand letter on your own usually does little to resolve a stalemate between two parties. 

Oftentimes, a party will immediately take action to settle the dispute upon receiving a demand letter from a lawyer. A demand letter can also be the starting point of a negotiation between the two parties involved before the aggravated party takes legal action against the letter’s recipient.

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How Can a Demand Letter Help if Someone Owes You Money?

Demand letters are most frequently sent to demand money from someone after efforts to reach an amicable agreement have failed. A demand letter can help you collect money owed to you without the inconvenient and expensive involvement of the courts.  

A demand letter will typically contain a brief overview of the facts along with a formal request for repayment. The demand letter will have a deadline for payment and outline any consequences resulting from non-payment. 

A demand letter sent by an attorney shows you’re willing to take serious action to collect what you’re owed. Someone may be dodging your calls and emails, but few people can ignore a letter received directly from an attorney.

If someone owes you money, try to get paid what you’re owed quickly. 

What Should You Do if the Other Party Ignores Your Demand Letter?

Demand letters are usually sent as a final notice that payments need to be settled before more serious action is taken. These letters are preceded by emails, texts, phone calls, and other friendly attempts to remind the debtor.

Most people will not ignore a letter sent from an attorney. However, if the recipient does ignore the demand letter, the sending party has two primary options:

  1. You can decide to cut your losses and not take any further action. A demand letter sent through is inexpensive, but a lawsuit is not. 
  2. If letting the matter go is not an option, you can pursue a lawsuit. If you file a lawsuit, the demand letter you sent can be used as evidence that you tried to resolve the matter in good faith without using the court’s time. 

Is it Better to Ask an Attorney to Send a Demand Letter?

Even though a demand letter is not a legal document that requires a license to draft, it is significantly better for an attorney to send a demand letter for many reasons. A letter you send on your own may have very little value and can even backfire against you. Here are some reasons to use a lawyer for a demand letter: 

1. A demand letter from a lawyer means you are serious

Getting a letter from an attorney on their letterhead is not pleasant and will instantly get your attention. You might have personally reached out to the other party in the past via SMS, phone calls, messages on social media, and emails, but to no avail. A demand letter shows that you’ve had enough and are taking the necessary steps to collect your money.

A demand letter from an attorney can make the debtor realize that there may be a potential lawsuit and trigger them to cooperate. The demand letter can be a clear warning that payment needs to be settled, or they may face legal consequences.

2. A demand letter from an attorney can be an indication of good faith 

If the matter does eventually go to court, the demand letters may be used as evidence. A demand letter can give the court an impression that you attempted to settle the dispute amicably. The effort you showed by exhausting all possible routes may be appreciated and can work in your favor.

With that in mind, it’s important that a lawyer draft a demand letter so that it is appropriate in content and tone. 

3. A demand letter can work for or against you

If you choose to write a demand letter yourself, you may be in a highly emotional state of mind. You can become insulting, unreasonable, and threatening. You may also lack the experience of knowing what to write in an effective demand letter and the proper tone to convey. This is why an attorney must write the letter as their expertise can make them the best person to write and mail a demand letter on your behalf.

Demand letters are not only read by the recipient, but they can be read by other parties, such as the court. Every word makes an impact. When a lawyer writes your letter, they’ll take care to minimize the chance the letter can be used against you. The letter should be clear and concise and not contain any extraneous details while carrying a professional tone. 

When sending demand letters, using a lawyer is ideal, and with it doesn’t have to break the bank. 


A demand letter is an instrument used by lawyers to get results for their clients quickly with minimal expense. Demand letters are an efficient and cost-effective option to settle disputes. They can expedite the process of resolving a dispute and save you from the stress of further worrying and even potential litigation.

A demand letter can either be your ticket out, so you don’t need a lawsuit, or it can make your case stronger if a lawsuit becomes necessary.

Most people understand intuitively that using a lawyer to send a demand letter is in their best interests. Finding a lawyer to send a demand letter for a reasonable price can be difficult. That’s why was founded, to help people like you that need fast resolution. 

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