Does a Demand Letter Sent by an Attorney Work?

Does a demand letter sent by an attorney work -

If you are embroiled in a dispute and are thinking about hiring a lawyer to send a demand letter, you may be asking yourself whether it’s worth the cost. Hiring an attorney to send a demand letter can help for several reasons and may actually save you money in the long run. A demand letter sent by an attorney can get you the results you’re looking for but can also give you a clearer sense of your options once the recipient responds (or doesn’t respond). 

Demand letters are sent by attorneys to resolve an issue before it escalates into a lawsuit.

A demand letter is a formal written letter that asks for money or an action to be completed. A demand letter can also take the form of a cease and desist letter that requests someone refrain from taking action. 

Anyone can send a demand letter, but there are good reasons for hiring a lawyer to do it for you. The major reason most people don’t hire an attorney is cost—it can be really expensive and confusing to hire a legal professional. Fortunately, gives everyone the ability to send an effective demand letter through an attorney for a low flat fee

Here are some reasons why you should consider having a lawyer handle your demand letter: 

1. The Recipient Won’t Take You Seriously Otherwise

Let’s say someone owes you a significant amount of money, and they skipped town on you. You have left them several voicemails, texts, emails, and you have also talked to mutual acquaintances to get your message across. Now you know they are deliberately evading their responsibilities and ignoring your efforts to reach them. 

At this point, sending a demand letter on your own probably has little value. It will just be another message for them to ignore without consequence. However, receiving a signed letter from an attorney conveys an entirely different message. 

A demand letter sent by an attorney says you’re serious about getting this situation resolved. It demonstrates that you’re willing to expend time, effort, and money to resolve the situation. Getting a letter from a lawyer can be a wake-up call for the recipient—you now have their attention. 

While they may have gotten comfortable ignoring your communications, it’s an entirely different story when a lawyer reaches out to them. The recipient will now likely give some serious thought to the potential consequences of not meeting your demands.

2. Lawyers Know How to Draft Demand Letters

Another reason why demand letters sent by an attorney work better is attorneys have relevant experience and expertise. They know what to say in the most efficient way to get your point across. 

People who send demand letters without the help of a lawyer often make key mistakes. That includes things like:

  • being too emotional and making unnecessary accusations,
  • being too detailed about their version of events,
  • conveying the wrong tone,
  • and, worst of all, formulating their demand in a way that could result in negative legal consequences later on. 

A lawyer will know how to formulate a professional demand letter to the point and will not hurt your chances of recovering what you are owed. After all, attorneys do this for a living! When it comes to collecting what you’re owed or stopping someone’s harmful actions, it helps to have a professional on your side. 

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3. Courts Can View a Demand Letter Favorably

If you do end up taking the matter to court, a demand letter can demonstrate that you made a good-faith effort to resolve the situation. Courts like to see that you aren’t wasting their time. Having a record of all attempts you made to amicably resolve the situation, including a demand letter, can be helpful. 

4. Even if the Demand Letter Fails it Can Still be Worth the Effort 

How can a demand letter be a win even if the party still refuses your demands? Because now you have a clearer set of options to choose from. 

You may decide that it’s time to pursue the matter in court, and you’re willing to invest in a lawsuit. Or, you might decide you gave it your best shot and can rest easy knowing you did all you could.

A demand letter can save you time and money either way.

You may save money when you get paid what you’re owed without the cost of litigation, or because it leads you to decide the matter isn’t worth further expense. 

As a third option, the recipient may have responded to your demand letter with a counteroffer or some hint as to a potential compromise. In this case, the demand letter was valuable because you now have a potential basis for a settlement. From the recipient’s response, you can gauge their temperature and sense how forcefully they will fight your demand and how amenable they might be to further negotiation.  

Until you send a demand letter, your situation will likely be stuck in neutral indefinitely, especially if you have been trying to resolve the dispute with no luck. A demand letter can not only resolve your issue, but it can be the impetus for making further decisions on how to proceed. In other words, demand letters can really bring progress towards some resolution instead of being at a standstill. 

Conclusion: So Do Attorney Demand Letters Work?

No one can guarantee the outcome of a demand letter (and anyone who does isn’t acting with integrity). However, attorney demand letters frequently do work because they grab the attention of the recipient and convey the severity of the matter. Most people want to settle an issue before it escalates into something messier like a lawsuit. No one likes to contend with lawyers and legal issues if it can be avoided. 

Some people, however, will ignore your demand letter. In that case, you still have some valuable insights you’ve gained from sending the letter. You can now assess whether you want to spend more money to pursue the matter. You may want to just let the matter go. The response to your letter may also form the basis for a negotiated settlement or provide evidence if you decide to sue later on. 

In the past, deciding whether to send a demand letter was a hard decision because hiring an attorney can be really costly and difficult. Thanks to, almost anyone can send a demand letter for a reasonable cost with no hidden charges or hourly fees that will balloon into a large legal bill. Best of all, you never have to leave your home. 

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