Cease and Desist for Slander/Libel (Defamation)

  • Tell Us About Yourself

  • Tell Us About the Person or Company You are Having Problems With

  • (You can provide details about the recipient later if you prefer. No one will send them anything until you approve.)
  • Please provide a detailed description of the false statements.
  • If possible, please provide dates and places. For example: This person told these lies to person x on June 1, 2020; This person posted these lies about me on their social media account; This business is competitor and they slandered me in an advertisement.
  • For example: I never did the things the person claims I did.
  • Please provide details regarding the harm the statements caused you. For example: this has caused economic harm, reputational harm, harm to my business, emotional distress, etc.
  • For example: I would like this person to cease making all false statements about me and also remove previous false statements; I would like this business to publish a retraction acknowledging they made false statements about me with an apology.